Spices and Herbs

From the roots to the flowers.

Spices and herbs are made from parts of plants whose flavoring substances sometimes stimulates the appetite and help refine or round off the taste of a product. Depending on the plant, these parts may include the bark (cinnamon), leaves (basil), fruits (peppers), flowers and buds (cloves) or roots (ginger).

Spices go back a long way. A cookbook from China mentions their use as long as 5000 years ago. The spice trade was always lucrative; some spices were even worth their weight in gold. They came to Europe along the Silk Road and then by sea.
Today the most expensive spices are saffron, cardamom and vanilla.

In Germany, unpopular people have been told to go “where the pepper grows” since the 15th century. At the time, pepper mainly came from India, which was then unimaginably far away.

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