It's crunch time.

Nuts are one of the most popular chocolate ingredients in the world, and also pack a punch. Their polyunsaturated fatty acids provide your body with valuable energy. Apart from this, they also contain vitamins (such as Vitamins B and E) and considerable quantities of essential amino acids in their protein.

Our loved hazelnuts

Yet not everything that we colloquially call a nut is actually a nut in botanical terms. Hazelnuts, beechnuts and sweet chestnuts are true nuts, whereas what are known as “false nuts” include peanuts (a legume) or walnuts, coconuts and almonds (drupes).

A true nut can be recognized from the three hardy, woody pericarp layers around the kernel. Only the kernel, i.e. in fact the seed, comes on the market as a nut.

At RITTER SPORT hazelnuts play a particularly important role. Raisin & Hazelnuts, Rum Raisins Hazelnuts or the highly popular Whole Hazelnuts all have one thing in common: their delicious Levantine hazelnuts from Turkey.

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