Fruit and chocolate

A delectable combination.

Their intense, fresh taste makes “fruit chocolates” hugely popular. However, dried fruits are mainly used to extend the shelf life. They are used whole (e.g. sultanas), chopped (e.g. strawberry pieces) or even spread through the chocolate as powdered fruit. Depending on the fruit and use, there are different fruit-drying techniques.


Our sultanas are dried under the Californian sun. This rids them of much of their water and gives them their typical color and classic flavor.


Freeze-drying is one of the gentlest drying methods. The pieces of fruit retain most of their color, shape, nutrients and taste. At first the fruits or pieces of fruit are deep-frozen, then they are placed in a vacuum chamber where the pressure is reduced to less than 6mbar. The water contained in the fruits turns straight from a frozen solid to a gas and the fruit dries out. This process is also known as sublimation. 

With a water content of about 90%, 1g of dried strawberries is equivalent to 10g of fresh strawberries.

Powdered fruit juice

As well as pieces of fruit, powdered fruit can also give fillings an intense taste. 

To create these, the water is removed from fruit purées or fruit juices. First, they are concentrated in a vacuum until more than half the water evaporates. Their large surface area and composition makes most powdered fruit very hygroscopic, meaning that it absorbs moisture from its environment. To stop it from clumping and to seal in the fruit flavor well, the concentrates are mixed with maltodextrin or glucose syrup. This mixture is sprayed into tall towers, using hot air to create tiny droplets. As they dry out, the drops fall to the bottom of the spray tower, where they are removed as powder.

During drying the water evaporates, cooling the droplets down. This means that the fruit is dried extremely gently and retains its color and much of its flavor.

Square fruit chocolate

Chocolate can be combined with many fruits. As well as our RITTER SPORT Strawberry Yoghurt, with pieces of strawberry, our range would no longer be the same without our other classics Rum Raisins Hazelnuts and Raisin & Hazelnuts. And if you like something special, you can always try out new combinations of chocolate and fruit in our seasonal varieties.


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