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Find out what else goes into our chocolate apart from the best ingredients, experience and love.

High-quality chocolate

High-quality Chocolate

The basis for every good chocolate is a well-balanced chocolate mass, which is why we attach particular importance to mass quality, just as we do to keeping our recipes secret.

Purity laws Chocolate masses



Nutritional values

Nutritional Values

We are all familiar with the nutritional content tables on food, but what exactly is behind the terms “carbohydrates,” “protein” etc.? 

Energy (calorific value) Fat Carbohydrates Protein Salt

Good to know

Good to Know

Though chocolate is a staple product today, it should nonetheless be enjoyed with care to protect our own health and – importantly – the environment.

Genetic modification Allergy information Best-before date Packaging



As well as visible ingredients such as nuts and fruits, every bar of chocolate also contains various other constituents. Here, you can take a closer look at some of the most important ones.

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