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The best-before date provides information on how long, as a minimum, a foodstuff will retain its sensory and structural properties such as flavor, scent, etc. in the storage conditions indicated. The best-before date on RITTER SPORT chocolate is given to the day, month and year.

Not to be confused with the use-by date, which tells you the date by which the food must be consumed. This can be found on goods which spoil quickly, such as unpasteurized milk, minced meat and poultry.
Foods may no longer be sold after the use-by date, whereas goods which are past their best-before date may still be sold as long as they are in top condition.

The producers themselves set the periods required for the best-before date and use-by date. They have to be selected to ensure that the food has the taste and consistency which the customer expects and does not pose a health risk.

We have thus set a best-before date for our chocolate of about one year after production. Of course, the chocolate still tastes good after that time – just not quite as good as before. Generally, chocolate which does not contain ingredients such as nuts or a filling has a longer shelf life.
There is just one exception: the RITTER SPORT Rum bar. The rum flavor evaporates faster than other flavors, so the bar should be eaten within six months. Though who can wait that long, anyway?

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