Roasting the Cocoa Beans

Hot on flavor.

The actual process of chocolate production only begins in the chocolate factories.
After careful cleaning, the cocoa beans are roasted in roasters, on grills or in large rotating drums using hot air.
At temperatures between 130 and 150°C, the beans develop their typical roasted cocoa aroma and dark brown color. The beans' water content and microflora continue to drop.
During this step, the shells come loose and separate from the kernels. Depending on the intended level of roasting, this process can take between 10 and 35 minutes. The roasting time depends not only on the size and variety of the coffee beans but also on their quality. Bulk cocoa is roasted at slightly higher temperatures than fine or flavor cocoa.
Afterwards the beans cool down and are ready for the next step in their processing: deshelling and breaking.

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