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Meet your favorite chocolate in person.

Colorful ChocoWorld Berlin

Our flagship store makes Berlin the capital of chocolate. Three floors on which to savour the taste, be creative and discover everything there is to know about chocolate.

Colourful ChocoWorld Berlin

It's Capital!

The Colorful ChocoWorld site at Gendarmenmarkt makes Berlin the capital of chocolate. Even as you enter there's an irresistibly tempting aroma of chocolate. The three floors and almost 10,000 sf of space give you a chance to treat yourself to everything you fancy, try your hand at being creative and find out all about chocolate.



Top ingredients – and your ideas.

Coconut crisps with colorful rice pops, or red peppercorns with strawberries: whatever gets your taste buds tingling, our chocolatiers will combine it here with tasty RITTER SPORT chocolate to make your very own chocolate dream come true right before your very eyes. Enjoy it yourself or have it gift wrapped as a lovely idea for a present.

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Smashing choccy shopping.

The ChocoShop offers everything to melt a chocolate lover's heart: the colorful RITTER SPORT product line, distinctive gift packs and special editions such as the Berlin design 500g bar: real collectors' items you can buy nowhere else. And in the “pick & mix” area you can put together your very own chocolate gift just as you like.

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Turns children into mini chocolate experts.

Attention all parents, you will have to be strong: the ChocoWorkshop is only open to children aged 7–18. With the help of educators, they create their own RITTER SPORT chocolate here, from choosing the ingredients to designing the packaging. And they find out all about chocolate. A unique experience that will light up their eyes.

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On the trail of chocolate – with all your senses.

What does a cocoa tree look like? How does a cocoa bean become a bar of chocolate? How does the yoghurt filling get inside? And why is RITTER SPORT square in the first place? Use your senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch to reveal all the secrets of the “Food of the Gods” and explore the world of chocolate through play.

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Food & drink

Food & Drink

Enjoy RITTER SPORT like you've never done before.

The Colorful ChocoWorld also takes care of your culinary needs with mood-lifters made from top RITTER SPORT ingredients, from the drinkable RITTER SPORT Marzipan bar to the typical RITTER SPORT gateau with White Whole Hazelnuts or the chocolate fondue. There are also savoury snacks plus a wide range of tea and coffee specialties.

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