Sustainability management

Sustainability targets

Commitment with vision

At RITTER SPORT, the protection of the environment has been of great importance for many years – as this quotation from our 1991 Company Mission shows:

“The protection of natural resources is one of the most pressing tasks of our time. We have a duty to act in an environmentally-responsible manner.”

Alfred Ritter & Marli Hoppe-Ritter

We are convinced that timely investments in this area pay off in the long term and we continue to work on improving production methods, products, packaging and logistics. As part of our continuous emission-reduction efforts, we pursue energy-saving measures as new investments, when these do not generate costs that are 10% higher than traditional methods. In isolated cases, however, our investments clearly exceed this threshold.In 1996, as part of a comprehensive management system, we were the first company in the confectionery industry to organise in-house environmental protection measures and further develop them into a sustainability management strategy.

CO2 neutrality starting 2022

Our aim is to achieve CO2-neutral production by 2022. CO2 emissions cannot be fully avoided, even with technical measures and improvements; however, we intend to compensate for the produced as best we can CO2. Instead of buying external certificates, we rely on emission reduction projects within our own value chain, such as our El Cacao cocoa farm in Nicaragua. There, we produce cocoa by means of agroforestry, for example cocoa trees grown with companion crops: shade trees and plants which both produce compost and promote soil fertility. The farm is managed according to the rules of integrated agriculture. This means- amongst other things - using composting to keep the soil ideally fertilized, reducing the use of artificial fertilizers and maximizing CO2 storage in the soil. This combination creates emission-reducing effects which avoid or fix CO2.

100% sustainable cocoa by 2025 

To produce our chocolate, we need roughly 12,000 tons of cocoa masses every year. For many years now, our focus has been on obtaining sustainably produced cocoa, which is clearly shown by our long-term commitment in Nicaragua. By 2025, the cocoa for all of our RITTER SPORT chocolate will come from sustainable production; by 2020 the figure will be at least 75 percent. “Sustainable cocoa” means cocoa certified according to internationally recognized standards such as Rainforest Alliance, fair trade, UTZ, organic, or produced using a process meeting the defined standards of the named institutions - not even failing one, and assessed by an independent party.

Energy management since 2015

In 2015 we will be certified in line with the DIN standard 50001. Introducing systematic energy management will successively raise our company’s energy efficiency, measurable in lower energy use and thus reduced costs. By teaming up with all business units, possible ways to save energy will be gathered and measurable targets set. Especially important for us is to involve and train all our associates.

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