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The chocolate's new clothes.

In foods, packaging plays a major role. It not only makes products look attractive and recognisable but also protects them against the cold, heat, flavour loss and damage.

The chocolate is packaged immediately after production. When the chocolate bars have been poured and cooled, they are conveyed to the wrapping machine.

Classic chocolate packaging is made up of an inner layer, e.g. of aluminium or paper, to protect against flavour loss, and an outer layer of cardboard or paper. A more environmentally friendly solution is “single-material” polypropylene packaging. Here, the chocolate is sealed directly in a printable plastic wrapping, making any further packaging unnecessary.

For many years, we at RITTER SPORT have used modern single-material polypropylene flow wrapping. This can be recycled and provides perfect protection for both the product and its flavour, as it is especially impervious to light and odour. And compared with traditional chocolate packaging, its minimal weight saves 1000 tonnes of packaging materials a year.

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