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Packaging according to the Cradle-to-Cradle principle

Quality. Chocolate. Squared. And environmentally friendly.

Packaging – at RITTER SPORT we don't just use colourful plastic wrappers. The fully recyclable single-material packaging made of polypropylene that RITTER SPORT has been using since 1991 allows the amount of packaging used to be reduced compared to conventional packaging for long bars of chocolate, due to its light weight.

For the packaging of the 100 gram bars, the most important RITTER SPORT product, the packaging developers strive to achieve certification according to the Cradle-to-Cradle CertifiedCM Product Program. The Cradle-to-Cradle® design principle describes the health compatibility and recyclability of materials, similar to the nutrition cycle in nature in which waste from one organism can be used as a nutrient for another organism.

For RITTER SPORT packaging this means extremely detailed definitions of which materials and raw materials are used and that they are recyclable. The manufacturing processes of our suppliers are assessed by the independent environmental institute EPEA in terms of their use of renewable energies, responsible use of water and social responsibility. This will allow us to reach our goal of making future RITTER SPORT packaging useable for technical material cycles.

Sustainability aspects also play an important role for all other packaging systems, such as wrapping paper, or trade and transport packaging. The display stands for 100 and 250 gram bars have allowed the amount of different packaging materials used to be significantly reduced thanks to the use of standardised parts. Optimising the design meant that the amount of printing ink could also be reduced. The German Packaging Institute awarded RITTER SPORT the German Packaging Prize in 2013 for developing its latest generation of display stands.

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