Fats and oils

The consistency makes all the difference.

Vegetable fats and oils play a key role in chocolate production. They give fillings different properties such as firmness, creaminess, a cooling melting sensation and a pleasant “mouthfeel”.
The difference between vegetable fats and vegetable oils is that the former are not liquid at 20°C, but of a firm or paste-like consistency. They stand out for their neutral flavour and long shelf life.

No other fat is used as frequently to make chocolate as cocoa butter, which is why it is described in its own, detailed article. An overview of all the other fats can be found here.

Palm fat

Palm oil / palm fat is made from the flesh of the oil palm, and palm kernel oil / palm kernel fat from its seeds. Palm fat is made by milling the raw material. It is solid at room temperature. At different temperatures, fat fractions with different melting points can be produced by crystallisation, meaning that there is no need to harden the fat artificially. 

Palm fat contains both saturated fatty acids (about 50%) and unsaturated fatty acids (40–50%). It is used in numerous chocolate fillings, such as RITTER SPORT Yoghurt or Cocoa Mousse.

Nut oil

The RITTER SPORT Whole Hazelnuts, White Whole Hazelnuts and Dark Whole Hazelnuts varieties contain 23% hazelnuts, and thus a large amount of nut oil, as hazelnuts are made up of about 60% oil. However, this contains a large number of valuable mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Among these are linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid which cannot be produced by the human body and thus has to be ingested in the form of food. Hazelnuts can trigger allergic reactions in some people.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is made from the seed of the coconut palm, which makes it a seed fat. It contains a high percentage of saturated fatty acids; its medium-chain fatty acids make it easily digestible. 

After it is pressed or extracted from the meat of the coconut, it hardens into a solid mass when cooled. When it melts in the mouth, it absorbs a great deal of heat within a short time, producing a pleasant cooling effect – for example in our RITTER SPORT Peppermint. It is also found in the RITTER SPORT Coconut variety in the form of desiccated coconut.


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