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What chocolate character are you?

A character quiz with silly and serious sides.

There are a wide – even contradictory – range of chocolate connoisseurs. Some take a hearty bite from a crunchy chocolate bar; others like to nibble at it bit by bit and make it last. The following questions will show you what chocolate character you are. Have fun!


1. You're moving. Where would you like to live?

a) I'd prefer to live in a spacious apartment near the park.

b) I'd love a little witch's cottage in a garden.

c) I'm moving into a smart loft in the city centre.

d) I'd like a house in the countryside with woods and fields on my doorstep.

2. Your gardening store gives you a €200 voucher. What plants will you choose?

a) No plants, thanks. I'd rather invest in stylish flower arrangements.

b) I'll take 40 pots of lavender.

c) I'll have an orchid.

d) I'm getting some bamboo to decorate my barbecue corner.

3. Your family gives you a weekend trip. What would you enjoy the most?

a) A weekend hiking in the Black Forest.

b) A night at a designer hotel with a gourmet chef in a big European city.

c) Pure adventure, climbing, mountain biking and paragliding.

d) Ayurvedic treatments at an exclusive spa.

4. What's your favourite colour?

a) Yellow

b) Orange

c) Blue

d) Purple

5. What makes the perfect evening for you?

a) Getting it out of my system: mountain biking in the woods, then a barbecue with friends.

b) Relaxed and cosy: feet up, cuddling up on the sofa and watching a good film.

c) Running myself a bath with a lovely scent and doing some reading.

d) Meeting up with friends in the latest trendy bar.

6. Which of these picture is most likely to hang on your wall?

a) Family photos

b) A world map

c) Abstract painting

d) Decorative picture

7. When you eat chocolate, you're thinking about:

a) Giving myself a treat.

b) Enjoying the taste.

c) Getting some energy.

d) I hope it will release some happiness hormones.


8. Some friends you haven't seen in a while announce they'll be coming to dinner, as they happen to be in town. How do you react?

a) You complain that you're feeling tired and might have a cold coming on.

b) You cook a three-course meal.

c) You book a table at the Italian restaurant round the corner.

d) You put some beer in the fridge and get the sleeping bags down from the attic.

9. Your car doesn't make its MOT by the 'Technical Inspection Association'. How do you react?

a) I'll borrow my mum's car for now.

b) I haven't got a car.

c) I'll go on my Vespa.

d) My car is in tip-top condition: that would never happen.

10. How do you react if you are charged with back-payments of tax?

a) I'll hide the letter in the furthest corner and wait for the first reminder.

b) I'm never charged with back-payments.

c) I'll sell my tin toy collection. 

d) I break out in boils.

11. Which is your favourite shape?

a) Triangle

b) Square

c) Circle

d) Cross

12. A friend of yours wants to buy a bed and asks for your advice. What do you say?

a) I suggest a bed carved from solid beechwood by a carpenter.

b) We can go to the flea market to get a vintage bed.

c) I'll suggest a simple futon.

d) I'd recommend switching to a hammock.


Now simply add up the points for your answers:

Counting system


19 to 32: the Praline type.

You are a warm-hearted, empathetic person: you keep up traditions and look back to your roots. You are practical and like your life to follow a well-ordered structure, with your family playing a major role. You don't exactly rush to try out new things or trends; instead you tend to let them come to you. You don't use your well-earned evening off to party: instead you'd rather relax and calm down. You like to treat yourself, which is why you love RITTER SPORT Praline. Its gently melting taste is a sweet addition to your life, which is mainly ruled by high quality and structure, and you like the fact that you can traditionally rely on that traditional nougat taste.


33 to 47: The filled chocolate type.

You are a romantic and love everything beautiful. You mainly judge people, things and situation according to your feelings. You probably live in an atmospheric home that you love to share with your big group of friends all the time. You enjoy life and are creative about it. Things that are just practical are not your cup of tea. You like something a bit more luxurious, and it's the same with chocolate: not pure, but preferably filled. Depending on the mood and time of year, you prefer the fresh and fruity summer varieties, the spring creations or, from time to time, a bar of Marzipan or Rum Raisins Hazelnuts. Of course, you use our colourful squares to decorate your table and home.


48 to 62: The pure chocolate type.

You are a trend-setter, always at the cutting edge and look out for the latest fashion.  At the same time, you have your very own lifestyle and love to experiment with unusual ideas. You are probably creative, in the wider sense, and can often be found at gallery openings and cool parties. Your creative streak is also reflected in your stylish home, though you are not into luxury or playful decorations: you prefer things pure and simple. Your retro designer fridge contains the pure Dark Chocolate and Fine Extra Dark Chocolate RITTER SPORT varieties, which you savour piece by piece and even offer to your many friends as a digestif.


63 to 76: The whole nut type.

You feel happiest when you're getting exercise, or getting things done. You're an open, extroverted type who likes to approach other people. You find it hard to cope when you're alone or nothing's happening. You love to take the initiative, even tackling complicated situations or problems in order to deal with them. You'd rather spend your weekend in the open air doing sports, preferably surrounded by good friends who are just as fit as you are. RITTER SPORT Whole Hazelnuts is just the right chocolate for you. Uncompromising and crunchy, it gives you not just pleasure but also the power you need for your active life.

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