Melting chocolate

Chocolate melting is as easy as ABC.

When chocolate is used in cooking or baking, it is usually first chopped or melted. Here are some rules for how to do so.

Chopping chocolate:

Chocolate should generally be chopped using a large, sharp knife with a rounded blade so that you can rock it back and forth to chop.

Melting chocolate:

To make sure that the chocolate melts evenly and quickly, it should be roughly broken up or chopped. There are basically two ways to melt chocolate.

Melting in a bain-marie:

The best way is to melt it in a bain-marie. To do so, pour water into a pan until it is ¾ full, heat it to about 50°C / 120°F, then remove the pot from the stove. Next, place the chopped or broken chocolate in a smaller pan, pot or metal bowl, and put this in the pan of hot water, making sure that the base does not touch the water. While the chocolate is melting, stir it from time to time with a dry spoon. The melted chocolate must not be allowed to get too hot: dark chocolate should reach about 45°C/110°F at most, and lighter types about 30°C/90°F. Depending on the recipe, other ingredients such as butter can be melted along with the chocolate.

Important: Do not allow the water to boil, or the chocolate will get too hot or be splashed with water.


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