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RITTER SPORT and the Waldenbuch network for "Safety and cooperation"

Each bar of Ritter Sport that is enjoyed anywhere in the world comes from Waldenbuch, the small town between Stuttgart and Tübingen. Its membership in a network of companies and public authorities – the Waldenbuch network for "Safety and Cooperation", which is practically unique in Germany, shows just how closely linked the company is to its home town.

Here is the network's preamble:

"In times of crisis or emergency, the undersigned companies, local authorities, organisations and institutions mutually agree to provide voluntary assistance within their individual means in terms of the social well-being of the town of Waldenbuch. This undertaking is a contribution to maintaining the culture of taking social responsibility in our community, from which no claims may be derived.
The possible type and extent of the assistance of all signatories is at their discretion and must be described and defined by them. We believe that as a result of the signatories' freedom and the deliberate variety of the companies, their joint support offers the best possible help to those affected by and involved in crises - directly or indirectly - and offers the best possible way to tackle the existing challenges together in cases of disaster situations, such as storm damage. We welcome others who are interested in contributing to the common cause described here.“

In addition to Ritter Sport, other members of the network include the Ritter Museum, HAKA Kunz, HAKAWERK Schlotz, the Waldenbuch city administration, the Museum of Everyday Culture, Oskar-Schwenk school and the Baden-Württemberg Police, the  Waldenbuch Fire Brigade and the German Red Cross.


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