Sustainability management

ZNU sustainability certificate

Evidence of sustainable operations

The Centre for Sustainable Corporate Leadership (ZNU) developed the ZNU Standard in order to measure a company's sustainability. This comprises national and international requirements and allows the sustainability efforts of a company to be checked in an efficient and reproducible manner. The certificate is only awarded after an extensive quality check has been carried out by TÜV Rheinland.

This was also the case for RITTER SPORT. TÜV Rheinland highlights in its audit report the high level of commitment the company management has shown for many years regarding sustainability measures with significant investments. The following aspects are evaluated positively:
- the company's activities to conserve resources
- the commitment to socially and ecologically sustainable conditions in cocoa cultivation
- the company management, which is traditionally focused on the long-term preservation of the company
- the fair pay that the employees receive, which is above the standard rate for the industry

Ritter Sport fulfils the requirements of the ZNU Standard regarding central sustainability topics such as protecting natural resources, biodiversity, sustainable value creation, consumer protection etc.

In 2013 Ritter Sport was the first chocolate manufacturer to receive the ZNU Sustainability Certificate, and it successfully passed the surveillance audit in 2014.

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