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Support for small farmers in Nicaragua

RITTER SPORT has been helping and supporting small farmers to sustainably cultivate cocoa since 1990. Many of the farming families find themselves in a vicious cycle of a growing population, extensive farming, reduced soil fertility, the destruction of the tropical rainforests and continuing poverty. This is where RITTER SPORT comes in.

The concept of agroforestry, which combines agricultural and forestry farming methods, gives reforestation a real chance. The small farmers can achieve higher profits on the same sized area of cultivated land. As productivity increases, so does the farmers' income. Agroforestry farming thus contributes to improving people's living conditions as well as to the protection and the long-term preservation of the natural resources which are their livelihoods.

CACAONICA offers the farmers support so that their land is cultivated according to agroforestry principles. The aim is sustainable agricultural use that protects the forests, promotes reforestation and ensures the fertility of the soil in the most natural way possible.

What began with 170 farmers from the CACAONICA cooperative is now a cooperative venture between RITTER SPORT and several hundred farmers in more than a dozen different cooperatives.

In 2008, Ritter Sport built a purchasing and drying station for exports and quality control. For many farmers it is their central contact point. In addition to the world trade price RITTER SPORT also pays an extra premium. This cooperation offers farmers long-term security and better costing options.

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