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EL CACAO and the Gold Standard Certificate

The road to a climate-neutral factory

RITTER SPORT has been building its own sustainable cocoa plantation in Nicaragua since 2012 - EL CACAO, where fallow land is being forested and cultivated according to the principles of integrated agriculture. Composting accrued biomass means that emissions are reduced, artificial fertilisers are avoided and CO2 is retained in the soil. RITTER SPORT submitted the project EL CACAO to the Gold Standard, an organisation which, among other things, certifies projects on energy, afforestation and use of land. These certificates allow RITTER SPORT to use climate-neutral production processes from 2022.

Emission-reduction projects certified by the Gold Standard are subject to strict transparency criteria developed by the Gold Standard and monitored by independent technical consultancy companies and auditors accredited by the UNO. The focus is not on maintaining international emission reduction methods but rather on checking how sustainable the projects are locally in areas such as supporting the community, protecting biodiversity and conserving water.

At the same time, RITTER SPORT is also pursuing the aim in all areas of reducing CO2 emissions as much as possible. In addition to using alternative energy sources, this main sustainability aim also includes projects such as sending packages in a climate-neutral manner, using sustainable office supplies and cleaning agents or using car-sharing instead of company vehicles.

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